Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome to the W.A.O.M. blog!

This blog is for the corporate employees of Open Mortgage. Here is a quick statement of purpose and intent for the blog...


  1. We as, Open Mortgage Corp Employees, must see the branches as OUR customers.They pay our salaries. We must not get lax in our attitude. We have to stradle the fence to take care of the branches, but protect the corp culture and structure as it relates to compliance, integrity, and sound business practices. We must be friendly , but remain professional. It is a fine balancing act. There are skill sets that some have to learn and others know instinctively. Bringing new branches is harder than it used to be, keeping them is also a challenge that takes a "village". I believe our corp staff does an excellent job, but we can strive for continued progress to achieve great things as a company. LL

  2. This is an excellent venue tho share ideas. Thanks.