Thursday, February 9, 2012

All Clients are Equal...

Take a minute and watch this message about having patience with our new branches.


  1. I may have had a slight tone in my voice with elma last week or over the weekend. when i was not included in her letter to you specifically I made a mental note to try harder to not sound frustrated when I have to help her on an issue she is having trouble getting

  2. Years ago, I worked in a wholesale office where we had volume goals for each month. A loan came in at $37,000 and most were being sarcastic about the low loan amount. As it turned out, we made our volume goal, but if we had not done this loan, we would have missed the goal by $17,000.Each loan counts, as does each producer. We never know when a small producer may flourish. We can help this to happen. I am proud of the entire staff of Open and where we are heading to help all of the branches. LL